Phlebotomy: (South Gate & Stockton)

Certificate Program

The phlebotomy , a certificate course prepares the graduate to draw blood for testing from patients in hospitals and medical laboratories. In addition graduates have received training in taking vital signs, explaining procedures to clients.
Phlebotomy Program Degree
MA 100A Phlebotomy
1. Infection control, standard precautions and safety.
2. Anatomy and physiology of body systems with emphasis on the circulatory system.
3. Appropriate Medical Terminology.
4. Proper identification of patient and specimens, the importance of accuracy in over all client care.
5. Proper selection and preparation of skin puncture including selection of antiseptic.
6. Blood collection equipment, types of tubes and additives, proper order of draw when additives are required, and special precautions.
7. Proper procedures for storing blood samples.
8. Proper care of puncture site.
9. Appropriate disposal of sharps, needles, and waste.
MA Phlebotomy 100B
1. Advanced infectious diseases control and biohazards
2. Anti-coagulation Theory.
3. Understanding of pre-analytical sources of error in specimen collection, transport processing and storage.
4. Anatomical site selection and patient preparation for punctures.
5. Risk factors and appropriate responses to complications which may arise from phlebotomy.
6. Recognition of problems with test requisitions, specimen transport and processing.
7. Corrective actions to take for problems in test requisitions, specimen transport and processing.
8. Application of basic concepts of communication, interpersonal relations, stress management, professional behavior.
9. Ethics and legal implications of phlebotomy.
10. Quality assurance as it relates to accurate and reliable laboratory test result.
11. Legal issues related to blood collection.