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Earn Your Medical Assistant Certificate in a Year (or Less!)

At Advanced College, we offer you the opportunity to earn your medical assistant (MA) degree in a year or less so you can get started with your career as a medical assistant, doctor’s assistant, ECG technician, or several other positions. In that time, you will learn to perform clinical, laboratory, and emergency procedures, as well as learn the entire medical process from beginning to end. If you are interested in applying, here are four tips to help you get started and complete our program in a year or less! Check out Advanced College today!

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Have Your Medical History Up to Date

Having your medical history up to date helps greatly with your application. Our program is competitive, and having your vaccination status, flu shot, Tdap, and other medical information up to date greatly increases your odds of being accepted. It also boosts your chances of earning working opportunities after graduation.

Stay On Top of Your Homework

Because our quick medical assistant certificate program is a year long, we fit a lot of content into our program. Staying on top of your homework is one of the best ways to stay on track, get the most out of our program, and perform to the best of your ability. This keeps you from getting behind and missing out on all of the benefits Advanced College has to offer!

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Stay in Communication With the School

We love our students and want to hear from you. Whether that’s communicating about time you might take off, days you’re sick, or topics you’re struggling with, we want to hear from you. Some of these things are for the sake of our program. For instance, if you miss a certain amount of days, you cannot continue moving forward in our medical education program. These days can be made up and we want to communicate with you to help you move through our program!

Plan Ahead for Externships

After you have worked through our medical assistant certificate program, you have the opportunity to gain experience in the field through externships, which are working opportunities outside of our program designed to help you become a licensed MA. Prepare for these positions ahead of time as openings are competitive. Having medical information up to date and paperwork filled out are two important steps to applying and earning one of these positions. 

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Our campuses in South Gate, Stockton, and Salida, California offer financial aid opportunities and are ready to review your application. If you want to begin your career in the medical field and are not necessarily interested in a medical assistant career, we offer several different certificate programs to help you get started. Schedule a tour of one of our campuses or apply today!

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